Database of digital education resources for students and staff in higher education

The Pavillon is dedicated to the pooling of digital resources and services to optimize accessibility and encourage sharing.

The platform will be constantly evolving in order to provide students and higher education staff with an enriching experience and a directory that matches the current needs and context.

Subject-specific content

Easy access to hundreds of digital resources sorted by subject

Support for distance education

Numerous resources to help education stakeholders get involved and succeed with distance education

Learning content

Knowledge sharing that facilitates access to pedagogical resources

Success and self-care

Lots of advice, tips and tricks for being successful and looking after yourself

Digital competency is

everybody’s business!

Whether you are a student or a staff member, in higher education or any other field, you’re invited to discover the 12 key dimensions to upgrade your knowledge and digital skills.

Discover the Digital Competency Framework Discover the Competency Framework

A big thank you to all our partners

who have helped us with this initiative by making their resources accessible.

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