Database of digital education resources for students and staff in higher education

About us


The goal of this platform is to pool resources and services to improve access and encourage sharing.

The resources that are available are intended for students and staff throughout the higher education network. The platform facilitates access to subject-specific and pedagogical content as well as the use of open educational resources (OER). This tool also enables better sharing of knowledge among educational stakeholders, educational institutions and levels of education.

A database with an effective search tool to assist with the mission of the Pavillon

The Pavillon database brings together different pedagogical resources that can support you as a student or teacher. It allows you to find the tools that best meet your needs, using the filters. Each tool is labelled with icons, and their meanings are listed in a legend at the top of the page.

The following list provides specific information about the resources and digital services that can be found in the Pavillon database:

Subject-specific content

Easy access to hundreds of digital resources sorted by subject

Support for distance education

Numerous resources to help education stakeholders get involved and succeed with distance education

Learning content

Knowledge sharing that facilitates access to pedagogical resources

Success and self-care

Lots of advice, tips and tricks for being successful and looking after yourself

The values that inspire pavillon


Access to higher education for everyone by making pedagogical and subject-specific resources available free of time and space constraints


One of the key goals of the platform is to increase cooperation among the stakeholders in higher education, especially in the area of research and the sharing of best practices


An opportunity to highlight the uniqueness of each college and university in Québec, to draw attention to the expertise of all the stakeholders in our higher education ecosystem, and to thus position Québec as a leader on the international stage because of its distinctive nature


Equal access to higher education lies at the heart of this project that, among other things, makes a huge variety of resources available in free formats. Its cooperative governance structure is based on the principle of the greatest good for the greatest number.


This initiative offers the potential for enhancing the educational experience of college and university students because intra- and inter-level collaboration, sharing of best practices and pooling of resources can have a positive overall impact on Québec’s higher education system.

A big thank you to all our partners

who have helped us with this initiative by making their resources accessible.

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